Walk-in Shower Installation in Seneca, SC

Walk-in Shower Installation in Seneca

Bath Depot Upstate completed a successful walk-in shower installation in Seneca, SC, completed for our esteemed clients, Mr. & Mrs. Louderback. We were thrilled to collaborate with them to fulfill their vision of transforming their outdated bath and shower combo system into a modern and functional walk-in shower. With our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, we embarked on this project with enthusiasm and expertise.

To initiate the transformation process, our experienced team diligently removed the old bath and shower combo system. This step ensured a clean canvas for the installation of the new walk-in shower, guaranteeing a seamless transition from the previous structure. Our technicians meticulously handled the removal process, minimizing disruptions to the Louderback’s daily routine. For the replacement, we opted for a Walk-In Shower with White Milestone Marble pattern walls—a choice that seamlessly blends elegance and durability. The White Milestone Marble pattern walls not only add a touch of sophistication to the shower space but also ensure easy maintenance and long-lasting performance. This selection creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, where the Louderbacks can relax and rejuvenate.

Understanding the importance of safety and accessibility, we incorporated two grab bars within the shower area. These strategically positioned fixtures offer stability and support, promoting confidence and peace of mind while bathing. Additionally, two shower shelves were installed, providing ample space to store bathing essentials and personal items conveniently. Furthermore, to enhance comfort, we included a shower bench—a thoughtful addition that allows for a relaxing and comfortable showering experience. To complete the walk-in shower, we installed a sliding glass door. This sleek and modern feature not only adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design but also ensures the shower area remains enclosed, minimizing water splashes and maintaining a clean bathroom space.

Bath Depot Upstate prides itself not only on the installation process but also on delivering a hassle-free experience for our clients. Upon completion of the project, our team conducted a thorough clean-up of the job site, ensuring that no mess was left behind. The Louderbacks could enjoy their newly transformed walk-in shower immediately, without any additional inconvenience.

Walk-in Shower Installation In Seneca, SC Project Description:

Removal of Old Bath and Shower Combination, Installation of New Walk-In Shower, Installation of a Walk-In Shower Pan, Installation of Shower Bench, Installation of Shower Shelves, Installation of Two Grab Bars, Installation of Sliding Glass Door.

Key Project Features:

  • Removal of Old Bath and Shower Combination
  • Installation of New Walk-In Shower Pan
  • Installation of New Milestone White Marble Pattern Shower Walls with Two Grab Bars
  • Installation of Two Shower Shelves and One Shower Bench
  • Installation of New Sliding Glass Door
  • Full Clean Up and Project Approval from Homeowners Before Final Payment

“We are very delighted with it and the installers were great!”
-Mr. Louderback

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